Trading Date Nights ~ October 9 & 10, 2020

Friday we went through our normal day – me writing in the morning, Lover hanging with the kiddos, and then getting the house ready for the Johnson kids to come over in the afternoon. Once they were dropped off, the kids played with them and the neighbor kids outside for a while, then we fed everyone (including the neighbors) and watched The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The evening went by quickly, and everyone had a good time.

On Saturday, after our quiet morning, we headed out to the garage and got to work. We’re painting the garage, one wall at a time, and getting things looking a little nicer out there. We’re not worrying about patching/filling holes, etc, since it’s just a garage, so we got right to work priming. The kids helped out a little, but mostly played. Then we ran to Lowes to grab more rollers, and the kids checked out the Christmas display. Once we got back it was time to do the actual painting, and voila, our first wall was done! It’s looking a million times better already.

Then we got cleaned up and dropped the kids off at the Johnsons. We grabbed food and headed home to enjoy a quiet and clean house! What a rare occurrence! 🙂 We ate yummy food, talked, played a game and watched a show. It was a nice break for a couple of hours, and then we picked up the kids and put everyone to bed. A good couple of days!

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