Life Group & Banana Bread ~ October 11, 2020

We walked to church in the morning, it was a gorgeous day with the warmest and freshest fall breeze. Lover and I sat on the plaza for the service, and there were a lot of technical difficulties, so we mostly just enjoyed some time together with other believers. We’re working on coming up with a plan for when the weather turns, since it’s going to be really chilly to sit outside on iron chairs! We stayed afterwards for quite a while, catching up with a few people we haven’t had the chance to talk to much since our trip.

Declan took this picture so we could remember these beautiful flowers. 🙂

We walked home and I read Intruder to Javi in our break between church and life group. Then we drove out to Watkins and spent the afternoon with friends. Our group is taking turns bringing a meal for everyone, and the Dosseys knocked it out of the park! We all ate way too much and enjoyed lots of good conversation. Then the adults talked about the next two chapters in the book we’re studying, The Third Option. There was a big wind storm outside, so the kids were all inside with us, which made it a bit more challenging. But it was a good discussion. Then we hung around and talked for a bit more, and finally braved the winds to head home.

Lover went with Brian to help him work on the furnace at their old house, and the kids and I relaxed, read more Intruder, and I made dinner. It came out really well! Yay! Anytime I don’t burn dinner is a big success. KK asked to make banana bread, and she did the whole thing all by herself! I was super proud of her. We’ll have it for breakfast in the morning. Lover and I did State of the Kodankos, and then we did Bible Project (finished up Acts) and got the kids to bed. I was super tired, so we got right into bed and I was asleep less than an hour later. Lover told me that the kids didn’t even fall asleep for another hour after me!

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