Book Covers, Banana Bread & Websites ~ October 12, 2020

We ate KK’s banana bread for breakfast, and it was scrumptious! Most of it was gone by the end of the meal. 🙂 We did some cleaning and chores, and then did a video call with my family. Lately we’ve been talking to my parents for a couple of hours! It passes the time for us and them – they’re even more restricted than we are in Spain! Then while the kids settled into school, Lover and I worked on cover ideas for Intruder. We sent a few of our designs to friends who have read the book to get their input. It’s not a final design yet, but it’s good to get the creative juices flowing and working on ideas!

Lover also started mocking up a website for my parents’ church in Spain. He spent a lot of the day on this, and made good progress. He was happy for a project to pass the time!

Javi made lentils for lunch – but he and Lover forgot to put the lentils in! Haha! So lunch was a little later than usual. Still yummy though!

Mondays are always busy days as we head into our week. We have a fairly full week this week, which is exciting! Yay for some more activity!

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