A New Playground! ~ October 13, 2020

Tuesday flew by in a flurry of writing, special time for Declan, and dropping off Lover at the food bank while the kids and I went to Walmart to get a few things for Keilana to start school on Friday. We picked up Lover and headed home for lunch and quiet time. Then we did a little cleaning to get ready for our visitors tomorrow, and worked on our projects. It was a busy day and went by quickly. In the afternoon we took the kids to the park – we had seen that a new playground had gone in at a park we don’t go to very often. So we took the kids to check it out and they had a blast. The park was hopping with people – apparently it’s a popular place! The kids made some friends and we were given lots of pretty leaves by one of the little girls at the park. Such a pretty fall evening!

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