Lunch With Friends & AWANA Kickoff ~ October 14th, 2020

Today was a very busy day and we missed out on taking pictures as a result. We started with making tortilla while video chatting with Nana and Papa. Once that was done we spent a few hours making/prepping delicious food for our friends that were coming over for dinner. We then scooted out to Jenny’s midwife appointment way up north. Luke and kiddos ran a quick errand and then waited at a park during the appointment. The baby is healthy, if completely uncooperative. For reasons unknown Javi was the same way, he hated the Doppler. We then ran back home to finish food preparations just in time for our friends to come over.

We made Tortilla, a pickled plate, manchego, stuffed mushrooms, sliced apples and pepperoni, “mayoli”, asparagus, and we got a bottle of red wine from Spain (Carinena!) to go with it. Our guests brought dessert and we basically spent 3 hours talking and eating. It was loads of fun and we hadn’t spent a significant amount of time with them in a long time, so it was great to catch up. We then dropped the kids off at AWANA (all four are old enough this year!!!). Javi is now in T&T and very excited about the promotion. KK really wanted to bring our next door neighbor but they aren’t taking guests yet. Jenny and Luke just decompressed from a very full day.

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