Watching Friends’ kids & Date Night ~ October 15, 2020

Thursday morning we got right up, made breakfast and got the kids on track. Our friends who just had a baby were dropping off their older kids to play with ours for the morning so that my friend Ashley could get her house ready for company. Their three kids joined our four, and it was a crazy and loud and fun couple of hours. We got a chance to chat for a bit with Carson, and then they headed home around noon.

Lover and I talked for a bit about the future – a big part of our year is to determine what we’ll be doing for the next six years after this one. There are so many options, but at the same time, it feels like we have less options than normal because of COVID. It’s hard to think about the future and think about what we think is a good direction for our family, when we can’t plan on moving, or putting the kids in normal school, etc. Still, we had a really good conversation and it was encouraging.

We fed the kids and got things ready to go for date night. Emma showed up at 3 and we headed out, stopping at the bank on our way to dinner. We needed some change, and of course it took forever because there are less workers and some guy was trying to pay off his furniture debt or something. Oh well.

For dinner, we drove downtown to RiNo, to a place called No. 38. It’s a fun and eclectic venue that offers pay as you go food stuff, drinks, and live music. It was fun to listen to some live music, even if they weren’t terribly good! 🙂 It was a nineties cover band, which was entertaining. We tried bao buns with chicken satay, lamb tacos, k-pop fries and another bao bun with mushrooms. The food was pretty good, and we tried a drink that I commented tasted like a NA version of a mixed drink. It was a fun hour and a half or so. Then it was getting chilly and we had to head back. We ran into a bunch of traffic on the way back and ended up getting home a little later than planned. The kids were watching a movie, so we said goodbye to Emma, had them clean up and then fed them and got them to bed. Tomorrow Keilana goes back to school, and we drive up to pick up two of their friends for the weekend. It’s gonna be fun!

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