1st Day of School ~ October 16, 2020

It was KK’s first day back at school! She was so excited. I packed her lunch the night before at her request – she wanted the ingredients to be a surprise. 🙂 Lover took her to the new and complicated drop off while I got everybody else rolling on breakfast and getting ready for our day. After we finished our morning chores, we headed up to Conifer to pick up our friends’ kids for the weekend. All the kids were really looking forward to this, and so we didn’t waste any time getting up there and bringing the kids back down to our house! They all immediately started playing together and we didn’t see much of them until it was time to go pick up KK.

Lover picked up KK – she said she had a great day and forgot she even was wearing a mask. One of the nice things about the new schedule is that they get twenty minute mask breaks in between classes, so by the end of the day, they actually have quite a bit more down time than they had previously pre-COVID. Silver lining I guess?

KK was so excited to see her friends as well. Declan helped us make lunch – we made chicken pot pie and made the dough (which turned out terrible). The pot pie was delicious though, and we ate most of it in one sitting!

In the evening we helped the kids make a massive fort in the den and then they ate popcorn and watched movies in the fort. They ended up sleeping in there too, and had a blast. It was a fun thing for them to all share together!

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