Garage Pt. 2 ~ October 17, 2020

Saturday morning the kids woke up pretty early and watched cartoons and ate cereal. We came down eventually and made more breakfast, and got things ready to work on the garage. After an hour or so of prep, in which Lover also mowed the lawn, we were ready to start the actual painting work. This wall took longer because there was more to cut in around – but it also looks good! The work filled up our day while the kids played inside and out. In the afternoon everyone started getting tired and tempers grew short, so we had a few altercations with the neighbor kids. But, everyone ended on a friendly note, so it was fine!

In the afternoon, I put Cassandra down for quiet time and then I took a nap while Lover took the other five kids to the store. I had a craving for chicken fingers, and it was a good opportunity to pick up a bunch of other groceries. I got a good nap in while they were all gone and Cassandra played in her room.

Then the girls helped me make brownies as a test for the dessert we will bring next week for Life Group. They enjoyed the leftover batter while the brownies baked, and the boys played Minecraft for a bit.

After dinner, we put everyone to bed (upstairs this time) and they eventually settled down and went to sleep. Lots of fun this weekend!

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