Packers 1st Loss ~ October 18, 2020

We walked to church, even though it was very cold (since we had six kids and we didn’t all fit in the car!). It was good exercise and we all enjoyed the fresh air. The kids went to their classes and we went to church inside, so masks on the whole time. It was a good service, but I’m still looking forward to mask-less life!

Once we got home, and relaxed a bit, I worked on assembling the dessert while Lover prepped dough and made pizzas for lunch. The kids played in their rooms and absolutely wrecked them. 🙂 Lover and I did State of the Kodankos early (which was the right call, as I was exhausted in the evening) and got our week squared away. We took our annual Packers family photo, and then it was time to watch the Packers! They played Tampa Bay, and they were absolutely terrible! Such a shame to watch them fall apart like that. But, our friends came down to watch the game with us and pick up their kids, and that was a super nice time. We visited, tried out the new pizza doughs and dessert, and talked about their plans to redo their kitchen. They bought all their cabinets yesterday, so we are hoping to go up sometime soon and help them with some of the work. They are so fun to work on projects with!

After the Bidwells left, we got the house somewhat back in order, and then put everyone to bed. Bedtime couldn’t come fast enough after such a full weekend, and the kids were so ready to sleep regularly! 🙂

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