Finally Meeting Baby Otis ~ October 19, 2020

We finally got to meet our friends’ little boy. We are were very excited to welcome him into the world. They came to us so Jenny and the kids hung out with friends while Luke came and went at intervals. There were a few errands Luke needed to run, but also it was a chance for the moms to talk and catch up. We repeated spanish food day, because we had some leftovers, and there were some things we just really wanted to make again. So Luke also cooked while friends were over. Once they left it was time to catch up on chores and school and all of the things we missed while they were over. Once that and lunch were all done, the kids put on “home service” before we headed out for a couple more errands. For home service the kids replicate what they experience for Church gatherings. So we have some songs, someone reads some verses (today KK did it) and then we usually sing some more songs. One of our errand stops had Japanese Mochi, it was… weird, but the kids really liked it and want to make it. So maybe we’ll find a time to run to our local Asian market and get the necessary ingredients. It doesn’t look TOO hard to make. We’ll see. The texture was super strange though!

We got home and did dinner, and then got the kids to bed. Lover and I watched a movie – a very slow but sweet movie with Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer. It had a nice theme, and had some funny moments. Then I read for a bit while Lover watched another show, and then it was bedtime! We’ve had other kids in our home, in addition to our four, for the last five days, so we are ready for a couple of slower days! 🙂

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