Catching up on Recaps! ~ October 20, 2020

I wrote in the morning, and Lover did chores and breakfast with the kids. Then I came down and they did school while I worked on getting caught up on recaps. Lover took Cassandra out for special time – they left a little bit early since they had an extra stop today. Lover was home for about half an hour and then he left to do his shift at the food pantry – Tuesdays are a busy day for him!

The kids took all of the little “treasures” they found under the shelves at the stores yesterday and used them to make fairy houses. They were pretty busy with this for the remainder of the day. The houses turned out cute, and were very clever. Then they turned their attention to comic books, and were hard at work on those until evening. I finished getting us all caught up on recaps, called a friend to catch up, and worked on laundry. The day just kind of flew by! Both Lover and I fit in a little nap (mine was longer than his, though) and then we played the kids in Dutch Blitz. It was a close game but Lover ended up winning. The little kids were literally running laps in the house, so we took them all out for a walk as the sun set. The kids literally ran the entire way, and seemed to have taken the edge off once we got home. The kids cleaned up while we cleaned the kitchen and got dinner ready, and then did Bible Project with the kids. They weren’t super focused tonight, so we had to help them a bit more than usual and it didn’t take quite as long. But it was still good, and it’s always nice to cuddle with the kiddos! 🙂 Baby girl has been super active again, after laying low for a couple of days while she went through her latest growth spurt. Now she’s back to kicking and punching and whatever other gymnastics she likes to act out every day.

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