AWANA, Comic Books & Park ~ October 21, 2020

Wednesday morning was busy! The kids worked on their comic books some more, and Keilana rearranged her belongings. She and Javi agreed that she could move in with Javi in the Space Room. So Lover helped her move her bed, but the kids moved her dresser and nightstand all on their own. Then they spent most of the morning redecorating the room into a space/rainbow/unicorn blend. It’s fun and colorful! Of course what is now the littles room is looking a bit sparse, so we will have to think about that. 🙂

We videoed with Lover’s parents, and I repaired KK’s princess dress. I also ordered some pictures and took care of a few other little to-dos while we chatted with Nana and Papa.

Afterwards Lover went to meet up with Paul for lunch, and I made pasta and veggies to bring with us to the park. I also worked on a bit of writing while the kids had free time, and then once Lover came home we headed to Sams club. We bought PJs for Declan, and two rotisserie chickens. We took the chickens and the pasta I made and went to Rocky Ridge park to eat. It was a beautiful day, and the kids mostly played and didn’t eat too much. We got home in time to grab all the stuff and Lover took the kids to AWANA. It was silly sock night and they were very excited to be silly! Keilana has so many sections memorized – when she came home she told us her leaders asked us to limit her to 4 sections a week. 🙂 Otherwise she’d be done in just a week or two! Lover and I relaxed at home while the kids were at AWANA – we watched a terrible action flick that really didn’t deserve to be made. :P) Then we fed the kids a bit more and put them to bed- always a feat after AWANA because they are so wound up. Thankfully we can always sleep in on Thursday mornings!

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