Electronics Lab & Date Night ~ October 22, 2020

I made oatmeal in the morning and hung out with the kids for a while. I got the littles bathed, and then Keilana took a bath while we finished up chores and laundry. Then it was time for school and writing! I got started on writing, and Lover helped Javi take apart our old blender and learn about the inside components. They talked about motors and generators and magnetism and circuitry of electronics. Javi loved electronics lab! πŸ™‚ After that they packed up and went to IKEA to walk around and spend some time moving their bodies. It was quite a cold day, so not a great park day.

Once they came home, we did lunch and Lover made up a chicken mac n cheese for the kids to eat with the babysitter. Then Emma showed up and Lover and I left for date night. Thursday afternoons have been working well for date night – they work for Emma’s schedule, my energy levels, and are just all around fun. Lover and I ran a couple of quick errands, and then went to get our first pho of the season! Since it was such a cold, chilly day, pho was the perfect warm you from the inside out kind of dinner. It felt lovely and normal and made us full to bursting! After pho we walked over to the Russian grocery store, and picked out some chocolates. It always feels like a gamble, since neither of us can read the Cyrillic alphabet, but it’s lots of fun. The grumpy cashier only adds to the whole experience. Then we decided to hit up one of the Indian grocery stores, since we are out of Kashmir chili powder. It took us a couple of tries, but we finally found a grocery that carried it. It’s always fun to check out all of the ethnic goodies, and we decided that if we have money leftover in the grocery budget, we’d use up some of it there on some exotic items like camel milk and fig jelly. Yummy!

At home we said goodnight to Emma, and got the kitchen cleaned up, the kids into PJs and into bed. It was a great day! πŸ™‚

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