Video calls, Games and Friends ~ October 23, 2020

Friday is another of my writing days. I came down and did breakfast with the kids, and then took a shower while they did chores. Lover dropped KK off at school and ran to the store. Then I got started on writing (more edits of Intruder) and Lover supervised school while I wrote for a bit (Javi finished his Explode the Code book!), and then I came down so we could do a video call with my brother and his family in Spain. While we talked, I made more bread, made cookies for the evening, and prepped our lunch meal.

After we finished chatting with Ben and Eva, I cleaned up the kitchen and the kids helped get the rest of the house in order. We quickly ate lunch, and then Lover left to pick up Keilana and I laid down for a few minutes. We invited friends over for dessert and games and I had just enough time to sleep for a few minutes before they came. 🙂

We ate cookies and brownies, the kids watched shows and did their tablet time, and the adults played games, talked and laughed. It was a great evening; felt very normal, relaxed and lovely.

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