Outlet Shopping and Playgrounds ~ October 24, 2020

Saturday we scoured the internet for something fun to do and the conclusion – everything is canceled. 😛 So instead we headed down to Castle Rock to do a little shopping and spend some time outside at the outlet mall. We walked around, found some cute baby clothes, pjs for Declan, and some clothes for Lover. It was nice to walk around for a bit, get some Vitamin D and find a few good deals.

Then we headed to a nearby park and ate our sandwiches that Lover had made for us, and the kids played on the playground. It was a nice, relaxing park with not too many people, and the kids explored every inch. They also worked on their baseball skills for a bit, and tried unsuccessfully to organize a game with the other kids there.

On our way home, Keilana asked about why we no longer have dinosaurs. We talked about the flood, normal extinction and reptiles growing throughout their whole lives. It was an interesting conversation and the kids were really into it.

After a bit of quiet time at home to rest, we drove up to our first neighborhood where we had ordered a few chicken dinners from Slim Chickens (they were running a great deal). Sadly, they weren’t quite on their game, and we waited almost an hour to get our food! It was good, but not wait-for-an-hour good. We ran into the store to pick up a few more things – we are bringing dinner for Life Group tomorrow (27 people!) and when we got home we worked on getting things prepped so that tomorrow goes easier. Lover and I watched a Kevin James Netflix special that made us laugh quite a bit, and then we headed to bed!

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