Life Group and Snow! ~ October 25, 2020

Yesterday we got right out of bed and worked on getting the chicken in the oven and the desserts made for the Life Group meal. Then we headed to church (just in the nick of time!) and the kids went to their classes while we sat in service. Our youth pastor and I were accidentally twinning, so we had to snap a picture!

We stayed for a bit afterwards visiting with friends, and talking about what to do about Life Group, since the temperature had dropped about 30 degrees and it was now icy and snowy. Usually we head out to Watkins, but our friends were concerned about the road conditions. One family floated the idea of meeting next week, and we were like – No! We have four pans of chicken currently cooking in our oven! 🙂 So one family who lives close to church volunteered to host and we settled on that plan.

We went back home and finished everything up. We made fresh bread, salad, rice, Swiss Chicken, and a layered brownie dessert. Everything was scrumptious! Most of the kids opted not to eat and instead just played with each other in the basement. Our friends have videogames and gymnastics equipment down there, so they were really happy. Upstairs, the adults visited and exchanged prayer requests, and Zoomed with the friends who were stuck out in Watkins. We also had the Packers game on in the background, and were happy to see them win again!

Once we got home we spent quite a bit of time talking about life these days and how frustrating it is that everything is closed and we can’t make plans the way we usually do. I’m really struggling with this, and hopeful to find some healing from broken dreams sometime soon. It’s always harder on Sundays because we go to church and Grandma Joy is not there, and I miss her, and it seems like over half the church isn’t there, and that’s sad, and church itself is so different from what it used to be.

We hung out in the evening and the kids showed us the gymnastics show they had put together. Then we did the Ephesians video of Bible Project, and put the kids to bed. I managed to stay up for a little while, and then was too tired to stay awake any longer and crashed!

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