Snow Day Monday! ~ October 26, 2020

Monday was snowy and C-O-L-D. We thankfully had no where to go (thanks COVID!) and could just stay warm and toasty inside. Javi saw how much snow had fallen and immediately wanted to go out and shovel, and we were more than happy to let him do that! He cleared two big tracks to let the van out of the garage and then got tired. But that was a ton of work, and very helpful! Also, we are really appreciating having our garage so cleared out that we are able to easily park inside. So nice to not have to scrape off the van!

The kids painted paper plates for decorations for our pumpkin party this weekend. They got paint everywhere; on the table, the plates, themselves, the towels… but they had a blast doing it. 🙂 They also played outside in the snow for a good portion of the morning, while Lover and I stayed inside and worked on non-freezing cold things. 🙂

We also made snow ice cream, and the kids added sprinkles which made it infinitely more fun. We wrote down the recipe and added it to the kids’ cookbook so that they can make it again themselves in the future. Declan went out to fill up a big bowl with snow, came back inside and promptly wiped out on the wood floors! Snow went everywhere! 🙂 (He was fine) Then while I ran for towels, Declan grabbed the new vacuum to clean it up, and I stopped him right before he short circuited the vacuum. I told him to put it back, and he promptly knocked over a glass full of water. Ha! It was an eventful couple of minutes.

The kids enjoyed their ice cream and our yummy dinner of popcorn while we watched a movie, and then we did Bible Project and headed to bed. It was a nice, low key day and we all had fun.

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