Snowday Number 2 ~ October 27, 2020

So today was a productive day. Jenny finished the current round of edits for book number two of the Hurricane Chronicles while the kiddos and Luke mostly focused on school and chores. Along with the usual school work we spent quite a bit of time showing how “counting by” 1s, 2s, 3s, etc corresponds to multiplication. They are very excited to have a “shortcut” to memorizing their multiplication tables. When school, chores, and editing were all done, Luke took Javi for special time. When he came back from that he pretty much turned around and went to help with the food pantry. After the food pantry, when Luke came home, Jenny went to meet a friend for lunch. Luke and the kiddos played outside for quite a while and used up the last of the snow before it melted. A friend stopped by while Jenny was out and we talked business, and finances, and weathering the pandemic. Once Jenny came home she finished the movie she rented the night before with the kiddos, while Luke ran to pickup dinner. Which was yummy but not enough, so Luke made some more food for everyone before we cleaned up, watched Bible Project and went to bed. It was pretty much a run from one thing to the next kind of day.

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