Pinata Making! ~ October 28, 2o20

Wednesday morning I fed the kids and then we immediately got started on making our pinata. Declan slept in so he missed most of this process. We blew up the balloon, ripped up paper, and made a paste of flour and water. Then we got messy! We covered the balloon with several layers, and then hung it up over the tub upstairs to start drying. This was a good call because it dripped for quite a while into the tub.

Then Cassandra and I headed to a friend’s house to hang out for a bit and select Halloween costumes for the kids. Once I got there and started texting options to Lover, the big two decided they wanted to make their own costumes instead. Yikes! Nothing like waiting til a few days before! I had a nice time chatting with my friend, and then we came back in time to make lunch with Keilana. She made Arroz con Frijoles. I overspiced it a bit, but it was still pretty yummy.

After that we cleaned things up, helped the kids work on a few things and Lover took the older kids to pick up canned goods for the food drive at their club. Then we dropped the kids off at AWANA, and Lover and I ran more errands and also picked up more chicken fingers from Fat Shack. They were running a really good deal, and that’s we had for dinner last night, but everyone was hungry, so I didn’t get enough. :P) So we used the same deal again tonight and got plenty. Lover ate the mozz sticks, and I ate most of the chicken fingers and finally satisfied that craving! We picked up the kids from AWANA and got them home and into PJs, but bedtime after AWANA is always a superhuman feat. They’re always crazy wound up and just bonkers from all that fun. They eventually fell asleep and so did we!

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