Trying out Mexican places ~ October 29, 2020

Thursday morning I made breakfast with the kids and hung out with them for a bit. Then I went up to write while Lover handled school and then took the kids out to finish the errands for our party on Saturday. I had planned on just creatively writing for a while, but I ended up doing the last few small edits for Intruder, sending it out to the proofreader, working on cover designs, and lots of other miscellaneous publishing items. I also worked on the “back of the book blurb” for Intruder, which, in my opinion, is a million times harder than actually writing a whole book! I made some progress, but it’s no where near finished. It’s so hard to boil a 135,000 word story down to about 150 exciting and engaging words that make you want to read the book!

Our babysitter came at 3 and we headed out for date night. We ran a few more errands, and finally found the candy pumpkins I wanted for the cupcakes. Then we hit up Walmart for more actual pumpkins, and then went to dinner. One of our new goals is to find the best Mexican (non-national chain) here in Aurora. We started with Sabor Mexican Grill up by the mall. Here are our thoughts. We ordered a steak burrito and tacos al pastor (pork). They used very high quality, fresh ingredients, and all the of the ingredients were well spiced and seasoned. However, the dishes as a whole did not come together into a mouthwatering combination. Also, and this is a minor thing, but the location seemed a little sterile. But, to be fair, that could be due to COVID restrictions and how empty/sanitized everything has to be right now.

After dinner we walked down to the big liquor store and finally found the wine for Cassandra. We always try to find a wine that is personal to the kids (Javi’s came from Xavier Wineries, Keilana’s was a sparkling rose wine because everyone thought her middle name was rose, Declan’s was a Colorado wine) The other big factor is that the vintage has to be from the year the kiddo was born. We’ve had a wine picked out for Cassandra (Prophecy, since her name means Prophetess) but have been waiting for them to release the 2017 vintage and they finally did! Happy to have that finally checked off. We also picked up a few more maternity shirts at Ross for me, and we resisted the urge to buy the large vat of Gihardelli Sea Salt Caramel sauce. 🙂

After we finished our errands we drove up to the arsenal, and this time, in addition to ALL of the deer, we saw the bison! They were out in big numbers, just peacefully grazing away as the sun set. So pretty. Once we got home we got the house cleaned up and I helped KK finish up her costume while Javi read the Jesus Storybook bible to the littles. He’s doing such a great job, and they listen to him so well! 🙂

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