Party Prep ~ October 30, 2020

Friday morning we headed back over to my friend’s house to go through a bunch of baby girl clothes and take what we needed for baby girl. The kids played while Lover ran to the Home Depot and picked up some drywall for our garage project. Ashley and I visited, and Declan got to hold baby Otis again. The kids have all loved holding the baby lately! We stayed until well after lunch time, and then got home, ate a quick meal and got the house prepped for other friends’ joining us for dinner. I also worked on the big pumpkin for our Pin the Mouth on the Pumpkin game tomorrow. Cassandra painted the pinata (which Lover ended up finishing up) and got lots of paint in her hair. πŸ™‚

We enjoyed an evening of good food and conversation with our friends and the kids enjoyed watching a show while we talked. It’s nice to do normal things like having friends over for dinner without it being a big production. Thankful that we can stay busy while we rest! πŸ™‚

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