Carnitas Nachos, & movie night ~ November 20, 2020

Keilana was so excited to go to school (her last day for sure through the end of the year, and then we’ll see) that she was up at 6am. Well before the crack of dawn! Of course, since she had slept in the rainbow room with the littles, that meant they were up too, and that meant we were up. Not everyone was as excited as she was to greet the day. We put them back to bed until 7, but then all bets were off. We came down and made everybody breakfast. Keilana finished getting ready for school, and then we ate and I worked on things like laundry and organizing and messes until it was time to take her to school. Lover took her over to school, and also went to go pick up some of the things we needed for Thanksgiving next week. With the rollback to more restrictions tonight, the grocery stores have started looking sparse again, so we figured we might as well grab our turkey and a few other things now! Better to be prepared.

I had a quick phone call with my midwife this morning to check in. She encouraged me to start the heartburn medicine, since I’ve been having so much discomfort. It bothers me all day long and interferes with my sleep, so it’s probably time. I did devotions and reading with the boys. Declan is so eager to learn, but has trouble sitting still long enough to look at the words to figure them out. Javi seems like he improves every day in his fluency, so that’s been a lot of fun to see.

Lover also shipped out the stove part he sold from our cannibalized appliance. The oven doesn’t work, but there are quite a few other parts still in working condition that he was able to list on eBay. Every little bit helps to offset the cost of our “new” oven! We also had a couple of returns for Amazon – the immersion blender we ordered broke the first time we used it! So we got a different, hopefully better, brand, and returned this one.

I tried to do some writing, but it’s been a long week, and with the early morning, I was too tired. I ended up taking a quick nap instead, and then worked on some Christmas shopping and other computer work. I just have a couple more things to get together and then I think we will be ready for Christmas, which is awesome!

Lover made carnitas nachos for lunch, which we discovered a while back and may be one of our greatest inventions ever. They took a while to bake in our new oven, but they were so worth the wait. We gobbled those down and then the kids played outside until dark. It got kind of chilly but they didn’t seem to care! I went through my Christmas bins to see if I had any more kids’ PJs and how many more advent books we needed. Looks like four more! The kids are getting older, so we’ll start replacing some of the simpler board books with more in depth ones over the next few years.

Then we put on a movie – Bruce Almighty! The kids took a while to get into it, but by the end they were really enjoying it and laughing at all the funny bits. I made popcorn and failed royally, so Lover took over and got us a full pot of popcorn. The kids ate that after the movie and then we got them up to bed; everyone was tired after our early morning! Lover and I tried out a new show, The Goldbergs, which was pretty funny. It’s set in the 80s, so it’s fun to look back on the styles and clothes and stuff. Then I read for a few minutes and it was lights out!

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