Shelves, parks & Date Night! ~ November 19, 2020

I mentioned to Lover in the morning as we were getting up that I really wanted to do something about the littles clothes situation. Our current set up was not working, and it was just frustrating on a constant basis. I told him I really needed a shelf in the closet for them, and about an hour later, he produced this! Girls, get yourselves a man that can just magically produce a shelf on demand. It’s really the best.

While he was building shelves, I made the kids veggie skillet biscuits. They gobbled those down and then played legos until it was time to get started on our day. I made another loaf of bread, and cleaned up the kitchen and did other house stuff. I feel a bit like I’m doing catch-up this week, not really finding the time to get everything done! Everyone got a bath or a shower, and cleaned up their rooms in the meantime.

Lover and the kids did chores and school, while I got started writing. I worked on the romance novel series we’ve created, and got a lot written. I’ve gotten the story to a pretty pivotal part, and after this it’s all downhill in terms of how the story flows. It’s still a very rough first draft, but it’s fun to see the story coming together and get to know the characters.

Lover took the kids to a park to play and get wiggles out, and I finished up writing just in time to shower and get ready for date night. Then we were off! Emma watched the kids and they were very excited to see her after a few weeks of missing her. Lover and I drove for a while and talked about writing, and then once we started getting hungry we went to Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Remember, we’re on a quest to find the best Mexican in Aurora. The verdict: while they’re ingredients weren’t as high quality as Sabor’s, their spices and flavorings were top notch. We got tacos al pastor and the green chile Guadalajara burrito with steak. Both were delicious. I preferred the tacos, and Lover preferred the burrito. The other note worthy thing was that both the refried beans and the rice were seasoned and well prepared, which is not as common as you’d think. Also, the portions were absolutely enormous. We chose this place because we had a coupon, but it did not disappoint! Hopefully they’ll survive the latest shutdown and we can come back again sometime.

Then we went shopping for a gravy ladle and talked some more before grabbing an ice cream sundae on our way home. Then it was home to set the babysitter free and put kiddos to bed – we tried out another Netflix comedy special, which was only funny about 50% of the time. It was still a nice day though!

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