All the Soup ~ November 18, 2020

Our friends are sick, so we were planning on bringing them a big batch of chicken noodle soup (made with bone broth, of course!) and bread today. I wrote for about an hour in the morning, while Lover made breakfast for the kids, and then we got the bread started and did a video call with Lover’s parents. We caught them up on our week, and gave them an update on how Luke’s “unplugged and unmasked” week went. It was a nice call, interspersed with pulling out the bread, and starting the soup. I was making a double batch for our friends, and a batch for us, so there was a lot of measuring and chopping involved! Lover had started another batch of bone broth, so we strained that, and while I did that I poured a whole bunch of it all over our floor. Oops!

Lover’s also been working on a website for my parents’ church in Spain, so he had a call with my dad about that. The kids know that Wednesdays are a more laid back day, and they’ve been super into their little Lego games. They played a lot of the day doing that. I also ran out to drop off the Operation Christmas Child boxes at a local church, and then I was supposed to have a call with my midwife, but she was at a labor so we rescheduled for the next day. One of our other friends stopped by to drop off a casserole for the sick friends, and then we ate our lunch (soup and fresh bread, yay!) and headed out to Watkins for delivery!

After that hour round trip, we had quiet time and tablet time, and our life group thread started talking about baked potatoes. That’s when I realized that I had all the ingredients for loaded baked potatoes, and the question of what to serve for dinner was solved! I finished up the scenes I was writing and then went down to make the potatoes. While they were cooking we got the other ingredients ready, and Keilana set up Sequence. She’s been asking to play with me for a couple of days. We taught her how to play, and then the three of us and Javi played golf. After playing, I realized Declan could probably play too, so we’ll deal him in next time. The potato was delicious, and I had to restrain myself from eating way more than I should have! I knew I would pay for it though, so that helped me behave. 🙂 Then it was bedtime and that’s always something I look forward to these days! We’ve been trying to get the littles to bed earlier as they’ve been really tired, so Lover and the kids watch Brain Games while I sit with the littles and read for a bit. It’s been working well for everyone.

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