Operation Christmas Child ~ November 17, 2020

Second to last day of Lover’s unplugged and unmasked week. We followed our normal routine, with me writing a bit in the morning while Lover handled breakfast and chores. Then I finished up and took Cassandra with me while I ran to the store. We needed celery for the bone broth we were making, and we didn’t know we were out! I had to take a picture of Cassandra because she was so “three” today. Winter boots, a sweatshirt as a ‘dress shirt’, her regular shirt, and a silly look on her face. Love that big personality in such a little body.

The kids finished up their extra chores for Operation Christmas Child today. There were just a few left, and they opted out of a couple of them as well. After lunch and quiet time, we headed to the Dollar Tree to fill up our boxes! They had a good time combing the aisles and finding lots of treasures to fill the boxes with. Keilana also brought her own money, and was tickled pink to spend one dollar to purchase a million dollar candy bar! She shared with all of us, because she’s sweet like that.

Once we got home, Lover made dinner while we packed the boxes up. We kept it super simple this year, and I’m glad. Once those were ready, we ate some dinner, did Bible Project and then all prayed together. Then I sat with the littles while I read, and the big kids stayed up with Lover to watch an episode of Brain Games.

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