Erranding & Carnitas! ~ November 16, 2020

First thing Monday morning I got started on making the carnitas. I got them all trimmed, prepped and into the slow cooker, and cooking away. After that, I got myself ready, and Keilana and I headed out to do a bunch of errands. We got gas, stopped and picked up a boppy (with two covers) for the baby, and then went to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart. At Wal-Mart we were excited to find discounted muffins, so that was our snack for the morning. We got lots of deals and should be set for shopping for the week, but you know how that goes. There’s always something we forgot!

The kids wanted to fill Operation Christmas Child boxes this year. In the past, we’ve always just put up the money for them to do that, but this year we did it a little differently. We made them a list of extra chores, with a dollar amount assigned to it. The idea was that the kids needed to put some effort and work into being a part of the giving! We then matched the money they made so that it went farther. Javi decided not to participate this year, and the other three worked most of the morning and some of the afternoon to get the jobs done. They made a good amount of progress, and will hopefully finish up tomorrow.

Javi and Keilana (and I!) have been learning about the distributive property in math. Lover gives them a problem and then they work it out on the mirrors. It’s technically 4th grade math, but they asked about it last week and have consistently been doing the problems and getting them right. Well done!

We did a video call with my parents, and got them all caught up on the happenings in our church and talked about the next few weeks. We’re concerned that this precedent of shutting everything down will last forever, and that’s just not sustainable. It was a good talk, and then we did lunch – carnitas! Yummy!

I did some writing in the afternoon. Something sparked my interest in going back to the romance novel we started this summer, and so I spent some time working on that. I also read and we hung out with the kiddos – and then made sure to get the littles into bed early. They were kind of a basket case today – too many late nights recently!

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