Church @ Home ~ November 15, 2020

All families that attended AWANA this week were asked to stay home from service this morning and not attend. Since we were all already exposed to each other anyways, we invited the families we knew over for a watch party! We cleaned and got things set up, coffee brewing and opened up our house Sunday morning. We had a full house and it was a lot of fun! The livestream from our church had a bunch of difficulties, so we ended up watching another church’s livestream. The kids watched Bibleman upstairs and played Legos. They did really well. A couple of the families stayed for a bit afterwards to visit, which was really nice.

After that, our friends’ kids stayed for the afternoon. We mostly didn’t see them – everyone played Legos all afternoon! They only showed up for food briefly and then were gone again. Lover and I watched the Packers. It was a bit of a nail biter as we were playing a team that shouldn’t have beaten us, but they led for three quarters! Very frustrating. But we got in lots of good cuddle time, and it was a fun afternoon. In the end they won, and now we can relax. 🙂

In the evening we did a little cleanup, and got things ready for the week. I was pretty tired, so we just hung out together and enjoyed family time. That’s something that definitely hasn’t been lacking this year!

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