Blankets & Date Night ~ November 14, 2020

Saturday morning we did our big breakfast, and then got right to work on the other kids’ blankets. We spread Javi’s blanket out on the table and got it all pinned, and then Lover sewed it. Since that went so well, we got the girls’ blankets laid out as well, and then I sewed their blankets. The verdict is in, Lover is much better at this than I am. 🙂 But – now everyone has nice cozy blankets that they can use at night – hopefully they will use them!

The kids played and we relaxed the rest of the morning. Then in the afternoon, we loaded everyone up and headed over to our friends’ house. We dropped the kids off there for a few hours – they did perler bead creations and watched a movie. We got gyros and headed home to hang out for a bit. I was really tired so maybe not the best company, but it was still nice to relax in our own, quiet, home!

We picked up the kids and visited for a little bit, and then swung by other friends’ house on the way home to borrow their DVD player. Lover spent some time talking to our friends, and the kids were so tired! But it’s been a difficult week at our church, with several people testing positive, and we’ve all had a lot on our plates. We got home and put everyone to bed – snuggled under their cozy blankets!

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