Church & Life Group ~ November 22, 2020

We drove to church since I’m still not feeling well enough to walk that far. Hopefully I will be able to get my hips straightened out so I can walk farther sometime soon! We dropped the kids off at Sunday school and went to service. It was a VERY small crowd, but nice to be together and visit.

We came back and thought the game was on, but they delayed it because of some issues with social distancing. The kids worked on going through all their papers that were strewn throughout the house. It’s nice to have that reset so that we are not drowning in papers! I read the chapters for the book we’re discussing while Lover played guitar, and then we headed out to Life Group. We ate our meal together and then did the study, but agreed that we’re all over this book and we need to finish it up and find a new one! It was a nice time visiting and hanging out together, and we stayed until almost five.

Then we came back and caught the last bit of the Packers game, which they lost in overtime. So sad! I kept working on recaps, and then our site went down so Lover investigated that while I cleaned up the kitchen, fed the kids and got them ready for bed. He was still working on it after they were in bed, so I took advantage and read a book for a while Then I was more than ready to go to sleep! 🙂

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