Christmas Cards & Lost Teeth ~ November 23, 2020

Keilana started out her day by losing yet ANOTHER tooth. But this time, she accidentally ate it while she was having breakfast! That’s a relief since we are going broke with this girl losing all her teeth! 🙂

Lover made us a yummy breakfast, and Javi was very excited to get a whole plateful of tater tots. 🙂 I made everyone tea, and Cassandra got creative with her straws so she could drink a lot at one time. We tried to get a lot of preparation done for Thanksgiving today -mostly getting the clutter picked up and some of the bigger cleaning tasks out of the way so we could focus on baking and cooking over the next couple of days.

We sent out Christmas cards to our World Vision kids. The kids were excited to stuff the envelopes and sign their names. I helped with writing the messages, and then we got those all sent out. We also videoed with my parents and got lots of miscellaneous house stuff done. There seems to be a lot of gluing and fixing little things lately – I’ve been putting them all in piles and when there’s a decent amount, we work on getting everything repaired.

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