Church Visiting, & Life Group ~ November 8, 2020

One of the things we really enjoyed about this summer was visiting different churches. We floated the idea once we got back to Denver of continuing to visit churches throughout the weeks, but our kids shut that down real fast. They wanted predictability and stability, which we totally understood. So for two months we’ve just attended New Life, doing church on the plaza when the weather cooperates, and dealing with masks when we need to be inside. It hasn’t been ideal but we’ve believed it was best for the kids.

But this week Lover and I really needed a change. We looked up churches in our area that are still meeting and have kids’ classes, and found one nearby. We headed out there this morning. Our kids were not thrilled, but we explained that we were hosting Life Group at our house that afternoon since our host family is sick, and they’d still see their friends.

Lover and I were very encouraged by the service we attended. Everyone was ridiculously friendly and welcoming, and super laid back. The worship service was energetic and everyone participated, and then the message seemed like it was tailor built for us. One part even covered “You’re about to find out why you had to live where you had to live!” For the two of us, who have struggled to stay put when we wanted to move overseas it was just the encouragement we needed.

That afternoon we hosted Life Group. It was a smaller group, since we have a sick family, and another family didn’t attend. We talked about our book, ate lots of pizza, and enjoyed good conversation. Everyone stayed for quite a while, and we really enjoyed hosting. Of course, it’s always quite a bit of work and I’m tired afterwards, but it was still a great time!

In the evening after everyone left we watched a great 90s movie, A Walk to Remember! I texted my friends and we reminisced about all the times we watched that movie in high school.

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