Apple Pie, Game Night with Friends ~ November 7, 2020

We made a big breakfast on Saturday morning, and then everyone pitched in to get the house cleaned up. We’re hosting Life Group tomorrow and we explained to the kids that one of the ways we serve is by hosting get togethers like this. And it takes all of us to get the house ready! The kids did a great job pitching in and helping out.

We were bringing an apple pie to our friends’ house that evening, so the littles helped me peel and slice up the apples. Of course they ate all the apple skins while I got the rest of the pie together. I tried a new technique where you pre-cook the apples on the stovetop, and then later bake the pie all together. Since we still don’t have an oven, I threw the pie together and then we brought it to our friends and baked it there.

We had a fun evening playing games together. We turned our friends onto Azul, and they’ve been obsessed with it. We played a bunch of rounds and then a vintage one- Racko! Lover didn’t remember ever playing, but we used to play all the time growing up. It’s an easy game to just do on autopilot and still be able to visit. We also ate the pie and spent some time in prayer together- we’re all struggling with life these days and being frustrated with the state of things. It was a really encouraging time!

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