The most American Sale ever ~ November 6, 2020

My friend Ashley invited me to go with her to a Roper sale at their warehouse. We left our husbands and kids together to play and visit, and the two of us headed out to score some deals. I texted another friend and told her that it was the “most American thing ever” 🙂 Stetson hats, cowboy boots and fancy cowboy clothes everywhere you looked! It was super fun. I bought Keilana a pair of cowboy boots and my girlfriend found lots of great deals.

Back at their house, we spent some time chatting and talking about church in the time of COVID. It was a good discussion, and I feel like we are really getting close to these friends. It’s always great to have deep conversations with good friends! While we were there, we found out that a family in our life group was sick, which changed all of our plans for Sunday. We texted with everyone and volunteered to host, and got all the details ironed out.

Lover made one of my favorite dinners – fried kielbasa, veggies and pasta with parm. It’s cozy comfort food and always makes me happy. We also taught Javi how to play Azul, and then the kids opened up a package from Nana. It was books this time, and they were excited. A nice fun, full day!

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