Date Night! ~ November 5, 2020

I spent the morning working on little details to get Intruder closer to publishing. We need to get a cover made and I spent quite a bit of time working on the “back of the book blurb” for the cover. It’s harder than you might think to condense a 135,000 word novel down into a couple of succinct paragraphs that entice readers to check out the book!

Since we’re finished with this edit of Intruder (which is, fingers crossed, the last one!) I got to take all of the outline post-its off the wall! What a relief! Feels great to have all that work done, and the book has really come together in a great way.

We had date night/afternoon today. Lover put the seats down in the back of the van and filled it with cushy blankets and pillows. We got some dinner and then parked in an empty parking lot and played games, all nice and comfy in our very own van! He even brought lanterns so we had light to see once it got dark. Such a fun and creative idea, and we both loved it. It was super relaxing. I think we’ll revisit this stellar idea again in the future!

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