Glucose Test & Election 2020 ~ November 4, 2020

Jenny’s glucose challenge, to test for gestational diabetes, was today. The drink they usually do alway makes Jenny super sick, so Jenny’s midwife allowed her to make a breakfast with 75g of carbs for the test. As Jenny went to her appointment the kids worked on school. In addition to the regular stuff Javi has been reducing and simplifying fractions. KK isn’t quite there on that yet so it’s just Javi for now. Once Jenny got back from her test (she passed), Luke went to lunch with a friend while the big two worked on a special election project. It wasn’t too onerous but it did take a while. We’ve been watching off and on the election coverage and talking about how elections in the USA work. So they had to write a blurb about what they learned.

Tonight was “mustache night” at AWANA. The kids had fun with that and Javi kept calling himself mustachio! KK meanwhile kept calling him the king of mustaches. While the kids were at AWANA we ran to Hobby Lobby to buy some fleece for the back of their quilts. We are hoping that they will be more inclined to use them if they have the nice cozy feel of fleece on them. We shall see.

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