Election Day! ~ November 3, 2020

I started writing this morning. I’ve been debating what story to work on next, but after finishing Intruder last week, I’m kind of obsessed with working on the next book. I’m nothing if not predictable! I wrote a couple of chapters this morning and then came down to help with school and the kids. They were working on school, so I corrected math sheets and also taught Javi how to do his laundry. That will be his Tuesday chore from now on. I read for quite a while to Cassandra, and then worked on birthday and Christmas lists while the kids played outside. They also watched Spanish shows – they’ve started to watch the Netflix shows they enjoy, but switched to Spanish. I think it’s a great way to keep working on their vocabulary and comprehension!

Lover took Keilana out for special time, and then did his shift at the food pantry. I finished up all the stuff I was working on, and then we did lunch together. Cassandra had some behavior issues, so she didn’t join us for lunch. Javi worked on reducing fractions during lunch as well. We did thankfuls and then split up for quiet time. Lover and I relaxed and watched a show together, and I made it through the day without a nap! đŸ™‚

Election day means that basically all the news and social media has been swamped with talking about the election. We turned it on for a while in the evening while we made “spring in a jar” which is just our fancy name for strawberry jam. The kids worked together to build a puzzle and then took a picture to commemorate it.

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