Monday, Monday ~ November 2, 2020

I was really tired today. Not sure if it was a sugar crash, a pregnancy thing, or a post-party weekend thing. Either way, I alternated between naps and work today, and that seemed to work out just fine. I did a whole bunch of laundry, sorted and put away baby clothes, and cleaned up random messy corners. The house started looking better around lunch time.

The kids worked on lots of school, and worked their way through grammar, math, AWANA verses and reading. It was a nice full morning. Lover prepped all the food for dinner, since we were having friends from Life Group over in the evening. The kids also did some of their remote work from Options, and they did a good job of paying attention to the videos.

In the afternoon we had a bit of a surprise, our oven died! Lover turned the breaker back on and we thought it was okay, but it turns out the heating element isn’t working. Thankfully the Johnsons live close enough that we were able to run the lasagnas and garlic bread over to their house and cook it up, so we didn’t have to reschedule dinner!

Our friends arrived and we fed everyone, and then we had a nice evening where the kids played while we talked, and then they watched some shows together while we talked more. It was nice getting to know the Dosseys a little bit better! Once they left we put the kids to bed – Cassandra was deliriously tired after our long weekend and fall back. We got them right into bed and I was asleep almost as quick as the kids were. 🙂

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