In Which we eat all the candy ~ November 1, 2020

This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed after a night of not great sleep and less than usual sleep because of fall back. But, we rallied, got the kids fed and dressed, and ourselves to church on time. We drove since I’m having a lot of trouble as my pregnancy advances with hip and pelvic pain. Walking too much seems to really aggravate it. The kids went to their classes and Lover and I sat on the patio – they took down the shade sails because of the snow last week, and there was both sunshine and massive glare! So it was mostly a listening service. 🙂 But we enjoyed talking to the little group of people that have chosen to attend on the Plaza.

Once we got home, we put on the Packers game. They played the Vikings at Lambeau, but lacked fire today and ultimately the Vikings pulled off a win. It was a shame, but very relaxing to sit and watch the game and hang out together. The kids stopped in here and there, but mostly kept working on sorting their Halloween candy, trading, and stashing it away. They ate a bunch more, of course, and were totally bonkers. 🙂

After the football game, the kids either had quiet time or tablet time, and we took a nap in the sunshine. It was divine! And very needed. Afterwards we worked on State of the Kodankos and I washed baby clothes and got them ready for baby. Then Lover took the kids to take a walk, and after that we went to make a grocery run. Sadly, we did not find any discounted Halloween candy. Bummer for our taste buds, hurray for our waistlines! 🙂

Back at home I whipped up a loaf of bread, we cleaned the kitchen and made dinner while the kids cleaned up and got PJs on. Then they ate, we finished food and cleaning, and we all did the Bible Project. We’re in Paul’s epistles, and even though they’re short books, there is a lot to talk about so recap of the videos takes a long time. But I think the kids are learning a lot. 🙂 Then it was off to bed! Lover and I finished State of the Kodankos, did some more laundry, finished baking the bread and then crashed. A nice full day!

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