English Muffins, Failed Stove Fixing ~ November 10, 2020

Since we still can’t bake, Keilana, who wanted to make something this morning, made English muffins for everyone while Javi and Lover were out for special time. She put jam on them and everybody was super happy.

Our stove has been making frequent trips out and back into its slot -still not working. We finally got the fuse we’ve been waiting on, and of course that new fuse was already blown! Lover bypassed the fuse to see if it would work anyways – it did not. Looks like she’s officially dead Jim! Boo. Guess we’re appliance shopping in the next few days – gotta have a working oven by Thanksgiving!

I made up a big batch of chocolate chip cookie dough this evening. I’m taking dinner to friends tomorrow, and they’ll get some unbaked cookies that they can just throw into the oven! 🙂 It was a full day, hopefully tomorrow will be a bit quieter!

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