Noah’s night, and stovetop cookies! ~ November 11, 2020

The kids have AWANA tonight, and the theme is Noah’s night, which is where they bring a favorite stuffy with them to club. Keilana has been preparing for this all week, and has made Piglet a sparks vest, along with a backpack and a sparks book that is carried inside the backpack. She even found a tiny animal that fits inside the backpack for Piglet to bring. I thought it would be fun to contribute to her project, so during our video call with Lover’s parents, I made a hanglider emblem to stick onto Piglet’s vest. Keilana loved it and gave lots of feedback as I made it.

Keilana also did one of the Thanksgiving crafts that church dropped off for the kids, a thankful tree. Then in the afternoon we had the kids start an art project that we’re turning into thank you cards for our neighbors who brought them treats for Halloween. I also whipped up a quick meal for friends who are sick and took that over to them for their dinner. I stayed and visited with Erin for a bit, and got caught up on our week.

Then back at home we had lunch, quiet time and got the kids ready for AWANA. We dropped them off and then decided to try our hand at stovetop cookies (since we still don’t have a working oven). They came out all right – a little crispy on the bottom and a little under done in the middle. But it was still nice to have some warm, gooey chocolate!

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