Thanksgiving! ~ November 26, 2020

Last year was the first year that we stayed in Colorado for Thanksgiving and then didn’t have anyone over – we had a nice time, but we were so thankful this year to have friends join us for the day! It was Erin’s birthday, so we invited them so they wouldn’t have to cook, and then other friends of ours who also don’t have any family local. With all of their kids, we had a full house, and spent such a nice day together!

Lover made a fantastic turkey, and it got almost completely eaten up! We had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, rolls, czech dressing, regular stuffing, awesome sauce, gravy… way too much food and yet it was just the right amount!

During dinner we all wrote down things that were challenging about the year, and then also blessings that we’ve experienced in this strange year. We stapled them together and made a thankful chain to hang in our house – super fun. We took some time to reflect on the year and how challenging it’s been, but also on the wonderful things that have come out of this year.

Our neighbors have been isolating for a long time, so we brought them plates from our bounty – they loved it and complimented me, the chef. 🙂 We didn’t tell them that it’s all Lover’s doing 🙂 Then our other neighbors joined us for dessert and coffee, and we all enjoyed some good conversation. Before we knew it, it was time for everyone to go home, and it had been such a nice day!

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