Days to Veg ~ November 27 & 28 2020

After all the preparations for Thanksgiving, we were overdue for a lazy day just hanging out and doing nothing. 🙂 Usually I write on Fridays, but all I could muster up the energy for was searching for a new book cover artist, and working through the proofreading edits for Intruder. I finished those, so now we can proceed to having the manuscript formatted, hopefully still on track to publish this second book in January!

The kids played with Legos, watched shows and played games on their tablet. We watched a movie, and ate lots of leftovers. It was the perfect day of just chilling and not doing much. We did take a walk even though it was really chilly, and Keilana made a snow angel. 🙂 And that was our Friday!

Saturday was also pretty quiet – it was my brother’s birthday so we wished him a happy birthday. We also went shopping with Javi to pick up stuff for his cake, and decorations for his party on Sunday. He was so excited and picked out lots of fun stuff to celebrate with. Another good day!

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