Javi’s 9th Birthday! ~ November 29, 2020

We hosted church in the morning since there were no classes for the kids again. It’s nice having a group of people all come together to hang out and share in watching church together on these Sundays!

After everyone left, Javi got started on his surprise cake – he scooped out the inside of one of the layers and filled it with chocolate sprinkles, and then put another layer on top. I helped him ice it with chocolate frosting and then we made a “9” out of powdered sugar and added that as a decoration. (His request)

Then we all waited impatiently for our friends to get down here, and get the party started! 🙂 The Bidwells came down and we ate pizza (topped with pepperoni, sausage and ham), chips and apple slices. Then Javi wanted to open presents, and he got so many fun things! A remote control car, a tablet, walkie talkies, legos… it was a fun birthday. We didn’t see the kids much after that as they got super into playing with all of the new things. We hung out with the Bidwells and watched the Broncos lose, and then we did cake! 🙂

The Bidwells headed home and then we watched the Packers beat the Bears – hurray! It was a great day and we are so thankful for Javi and what a great kid he is.

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