Another Packers Win! ~ December 13, 2020

We made it to church in the morning, although 9am is feeling pretty early these days and seems to be more of an effort! 🙂 I think it’s a combination of the snowy weather, dark mornings, and advanced pregnancy!:) We got to church and got the kids to their classes, and then went into service, and we were even a few minutes early!

Carson preached a great message on Inner Peace, and we enjoyed chatting with the people who were there after service. Then we headed home and the kids played for a bit and we worked on taming the kitchen and Lover made a coffee tasting flight for us – just for fun! We all tasted all four varieties and voted on our favorites. Mine was just the plain hazelnut coffee with whole milk. I’ve recently been able to drink regular milk again, and I couldn’t be happier about that! Yum!

Then it was time to go to pick up the pizzas! We drove to Sam’s Club and all went in, and of course they’ve changed the rules again and all the kids had to wear masks. It’s irritating, but, whatever. We took a big lap around the store, and then went to go pick up our pizzas. It was really busy, so we made it home just in time for kickoff!

Lover and I snuggled and watched the game. The kids were in and out, KK played out in the snow for quite a while, the boys rough housed, and then everyone played Duplos for a long time. Man, have we gotten our money’s worth out of those duplos! They’ve provided hundreds and hundreds of hours of fun.

We were happy to see the Packers win again, and with the Saints’ loss, that means that this week we are the # 1 seed! 🙂 Having the Packers be good this year has been a fun thing to pass the time.

After the game, Lover and I did State of the Kodankos, and then the kids cleaned up all their messes. It took them quite a while, so once they were finished it was time for a quick dinner and then we opened a Christmas book, read it, and sent everyone to bed! Lover and I tried out a new show, (it’s so-so) and then I fell asleep way before he did. And there went another Sunday!

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