Game Night! ~ December 14, 2020

Monday was a typical day of cleaning and laundry and chores. We got the house in order, and even found some time to catch up on some rest from our weekend. I wrapped some Christmas presents, and worked on getting a few more things ready for Christmas. This week we will finish making everything we need for our Life Group gifts, and then we’ll be ready for Christmas! I tried to keep it all as simple as possible this year, and even though there’s been a few days where I’ve felt overwhelmed, overall it’s been super manageable. Now if I could just let go of my obligation that all gifts be wrapped (instead of in Amazon boxes), things would be even simpler! 🙂

Javi and I went out to run some errands and have some special time together. We did the grocery shopping, and we bought 25lbs of apples! We’re going to make ALL the apple things over the next week or so! I also picked up some of Lover’s stocking stuffers, and just enjoyed time with my oldest. :P)

Lover really wanted to go somewhere the last couple of days. He’s been feeling really restless and cooped up at home, so I invited our friends over for a game night. It’s not exactly out of the ordinary, but it’s still a fun way to pass the evening! Our kids played, watched a movie (Home Alone 2) and hung out, while we played games and ate loaded nachos. yummy!

It was a fun evening, and I was more than ready to hit the hay at the end of the day!

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