Errands & Puppy Chow ~ December 15, 2020

I took Keilana out Tuesday morning after I wrote for a bit, and we ran some errands and had special time together. I’m trying to take one kid out each day this week – both to give Lover a bit of a break and also have some one on one time with each kid. Lover is awesome at running everything, but the kids are starting to feel that lack of time with me as I get further into my pregnancy and more tired. Sometimes there’s just no replacement for Mom!

Keilana and I went to Hobby Lobby for some returns, a few supplies and a treat. We also stopped at Kid 2 Kid for a return, and she got a Berenstain Bear book that she was really excited to read. They were having a big maternity sale, so I picked up a couple pairs of jeans in a bigger size to get me through the last few weeks of being huge. 🙂 Keilana picked out a few pieces for winter – nice long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts, and a few pairs of pants. We found one pair that was super colorful – right up her alley!

Once we came home, Lover went to do his shift at the food pantry, and I helped the bigs do a Social Studies assignment while I also started making puppy chow for Christmas gift bags. We got the assignment done with a bit of stress – this was right at the edge of their capabilities and I had to be way more involved than I expected. But, we got it done!

The kids have been playing with dominoes all day – making all kinds of interesting houses and shapes and things with the pieces. Lots of fun, and they always ask to take a picture afterwards so that they have a record of it before it gets wrecked!

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