Birthday Party & Delicious Apple Crisp ~ December 19, 2020

Today was an unusual day; we had TWO events going on. In one day! AND, we have two events tomorrow! What even is our life? 🙂

We got up and got moving, as the kiddos had all been invited to one of Javi’s friends’ birthday party. We got there, and several other of our friends were there, so we enjoyed catching up with them while the kids mostly all played outside on the trampoline. 🙂 It was a nice morning, and the kids were excited to spend time with other kids! We headed back home around noon to get our house ready and finish up our baking. The kiddos gobble down the apple peels as fast as I can get them off of the apples, which always makes me laugh. Last year, when we did a pie fundraiser for MOPS, I brought home several bags of peels and they ate them all too! They love them, and they’re so healthy! 🙂

Our friends ended up bringing dinner TO us, which was so nice! We fed all our kids and then cooked up the apple crisp. It came out absolutely delicious and everyone played while we all talked. SO much talking this weekend, and it’s been fabulous!

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