Life Group Christmas Party ~ December 20, 2020

Our church didn’t have anything for the kids again on Sunday morning, so we headed back down to the new church plant that we visited a couple of weeks ago. The kids were really excited to attend again, and we were looking forward to it too! It was a special Christmas service so that felt fun and festive, especially because the pastor was wearing one of those funny Christmas suits!

The kids went to their programs, and we sat in service. Then the kids came in, and Declan and Cassandra participated in the kids’ choir, and then we all watched the little dance program. It felt special and was so cute to see the kids all doing their best (or ignoring the whole thing entirely, as kids do!)

We went straight from One Life church to Life Group! Everyone brought a dish to pass this week, and we all dug into all the good food. Then, once we had made it through the meal (after second and third helpings!) we gathered for the White Elephant gift exchange. We had 27 people participating, and Cassandra was the last one! She was the youngest and I thought she did a wonderful job of being patient. That’s a long time to wait when you are 3 years old! After the gift exchange/theft, I was beat, so I hung out in the comfy spots while everyone hit the desserts. Then we played a few rounds of Taboo and then it was time to head home! 🙂 It was a nice full day and everyone had a good time.

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