Garden of the Gods ~ December 21, 2020

We’ve been wanting to get out of town lately, but between the weather, COVID and pregnancy, it’s been a bit of a challenge to come up with something that would work. But Monday morning I came up with a plan, packed up a picnic lunch, and got us all loaded up and ready to go.

This picture sums up each of my kids’ personalities so well!

Garden of the Gods is down by Colorado Springs, and because it was such a nice day, and everyone is on school break, it was really busy! It took us a while to find somewhere to park (with a bathroom) but eventually we found a great little picnic spot. The kids played and ate a little bit, and enjoyed the sunshine. Then we went for a bit of a hike to explore. I didn’t make it very far, but Lover and the kids continued on and found a cool cave/tunnel thing to explore. I went back to the van and had a nice nap. 🙂 Then it was starting to get dark (shortest day of the year) and cooling off quickly so we headed home.

Tonight was also the night of the Great Conjunction, also known as the Christmas Star 🙂 so we broke out the binoculars at home and were able to spot it pretty well. My eyes are too messed up from the pregnancy to be able to see much, but everyone else could see the two distinct lights from both Jupiter and Saturn! So cool!

Bad news – our new range that we just got right before Thanksgiving is having issues – instead of the oven dying, this time it’s the stovetop! Thankfully we hadn’t made our Christmas menu yet, so we will have to be creative! It’s frustrating to have to deal with this again though, and I wish it wasn’t right before Christmas! The last thing we did today was Bible Project with the kids and then sent everyone to bed!

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