Christmas Deliveries! ~ December 22, 2020

Tuesday morning Lover and I sat down and made a plan for food for the next few days. We’re not sure when/if we can get the stove fixed, so we need things that don’t require burners! Our meals include oven stuff, using the pressure cooker and using the slow cooker. I still need to make more applesauce, so this batch is going to be made in the slow cooker. We put together a list, and then worked on stuff here at home until the afternoon, when we headed out to do some grocery shopping and Christmas deliveries!

Walmart wasn’t too busy, thankfully, and they had everything we needed. We also stopped at the UPS store (sold something on eBay), grabbed some liquor for one of our desserts, and then stopped at our friends’ houses to deliver Christmas packages. The kids were excited to do ding dong ditch. 🙂 We got everything delivered, and then back home to have dinner and go to bed. All the presents are delivered now, and we’re ready for Christmas!

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